September 2014

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  • Bookkeeping

    Choosing the right accountant: Some advice from small business owners

    Keeping your finances in order is absolutely crucial for the health of a business say many small business owners. Often small businesses either have a skeletal in-house workforce to take care of bookkeeping and financial tasks or outsource their bookkeeping and accounting needs. Either way, it is important that the accountant is chosen after much […]

  • Balancing accounting

    The basics of a Balance Sheet

    A balance sheet is an important financial statement. It gives a bird’s eye view of the financial situation of a company at a given point in time, which is usually the end of an accounting period. It comprises of Assets, Liabilities and owners’ equity. At any given point in time, assets must equal liabilities and […]

  • MP900382657

    Basics of financial projections and forecasting

    Financial forecasts help you estimate how your business will perform going forward. It helps you to plan for and achieve your business’s financial goals as well as to set future goals. What are financial forecasts? Financial forecasts, as the term suggests, is a budget for your business. It is a financial plan that gives an […]