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There are times when you have opportunities to make remote sales, and some of which you may lose because of a lack of suitable options to charge your customers. At trade fairs, art shows and other such gatherings, you may have seen small credit card swiper devices that can be easily attached to the mobile phones to allow payments. These are handy, safe to use and very important to close remote sales.

In today’s way of businesses selling goods and services and collecting payments away from the point of sale, smartphones come in handy. With a very high penetration of mobile phones, it becomes an easy and obvious accessory for remote sale payments. There are many payment apps available across smartphone platforms, and one of the most popular one is Intuit’s GoPayment. It is extremely easy to use and is integrated with QuickBooks thus saving time and money especially if you already rely on Quickbooks for your financial accounting.

An easy way to use this app is by either entering the payment manually through their mobile app or by swiping the credit card by using a small reader from Intuit that can be plugged in conveniently in your phone. It is extremely simple and accepts payments from all major credit cards like Visa, American Express, MasterCard etc.

If you would be interested in looking at the remote payment offer from Intuit, follow these easy steps:

  • Just sign up for a merchant account on Intuit’s GoPayment page
  • You can then get a simple reader device that can be attached to your mobile phone that will enable you to swipe credit cards for payment
  • You can generate invoices and mail them to the customers
  • You also have the option to customize them to include your company name, logo etc. for a professional look
  • You have to pay a fee for the account which can be either per transaction or a monthly fee as per volume of usage
  • GoPayment is integrated with Intuit’s Quickbooks which allows for seamless update of your accounts on Quickbooks which helps to keep your financial transactions synced
  • Further, you can also use the mobile App to accept checks

Intuit’s GoPayment has been known to be simple and hassle free to use and moreover if you do run into any issues, they also offer the same customer service that Intuit is well known for. Other similar products in the market for remote payment processing are Square Reader, PayPal Here Reader, PayAnywhere Reader etc. However, if you are a regular user of Quickbooks, it makes immense sense to use Intuit’s GoPayment as your go-to option for remote processing of sales.

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