As accounting professionals, we understand the importance data security holds for each client. At each step, we employ the best encryption technology, secure servers and firewalls to ensure absolute data security.

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  • We work by:

    • Data confidentiality
    • Internal control on safety of information
    • Non-disclosure of client work and process models
    • Employee credibility checks
    • Constant monitoring

Workstation and Network Security

  • Workstations usage restricted through Network, windows login, PC locking
  • Paper-less environment: Dual-Monitor workstations, restricted access to printers
  • No external drive capabilities (CD Drives, Floppy Drives, and USB Ports) on workstations
  • Workstations secured individually by Anti-Virus and Firewall Protection.
  • Limited internet access (Client specific email access only)
  • Individual domain accounts for each processor to ensure limited access to source documents
  • Segmented LAN with firewall protection
  • Trackers installed on each workstation and screenshot of each workstation recorded every 15 minutes
  • Static IP Based Data Transfer Facility via SSL Protected FTP Servers located in United States
  • A dedicated VPS server for secured data transfer.
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