All companies do not require sophisticated reporting or GAAP compliant record keeping. Nalashaa offers bookkeeping services wherein our accountants ensures these companies maintain timely, accurate financial records and reports. We undertake General Accounting, Bookkeeping, Reconciliations and Financial Reporting and Analysis functions across different industries.

Bookkeeping and General Accounting

    • Maintain Chart of Accounts
    • Posting Nominal Ledgers
    • Post data into Day Books
    • Perform Monthly, Quarterly and Year-end closings
    • Establish Closing Schedule
    • Trial Balance Reports Generation
    • Maintaining Account Receivables
    • Maintaining Account Payables

Accounts Receivable

    • Record and Account for Revenue
    • Prepare client Bills and Statements
    • Credit and Collections
    • Input Receivable Transactions
    • Send out client-approved End-customer Bills and Statements
    • Journal Entries Verification
    • Maintain Standard Pricing Information
    • Maintain End-customer Receivables
    • Client-approved Adjustments Processing
    • Apply cash received to customer accounts and resolve “Short Pays”

Accounts Payable

    • Invoice Processing
    • Client input based Negotiated Price Items verification
    • Client-approved Vendor Invoices Processing and Vouchers posting
    • Other client-approved Charges Processing
    • Maintain files to support Invoice Processing
    • Client input based Price and Quantity Discrepancies resolution


    • Provide reconciliation of Inter-company transactions
    • Reconcile Accounts Receivables
    • Provide reconciliation of Intra-company transactions
    • Reconcile Accounts Payables
    • Reconcile Bank Accounts
    • Reconcile Fixed Assets and associated Ledger Entries

Management Reports and Financial Analyses

    • Preparation of Projected Revenue, Expenses and Cash Flow
    • Provide monthly analysis of business’ performance by unit
    • Provide monthly, quarterly and annual Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement compared to budget and/or previous period
    • Preparation of Financial Budgets, guidelines and assumptions
    • Variance and Ratio analysis’ reports comparing actual results to budget
    • Provide any other financial report required by the Client’s for Banks and Financial Institutions

Payroll Services

We will work with your current payroll service or recommend a service, if necessary, to ensure that checks are generated and proper tax filings take place. Each pay period your Nalashaa bookkeeper will provide your payroll company with the payroll for each employee make any necessary adjustments and initiate other payroll transactions.

If you generate your own payroll, we can certainly accommodate you. Just email us your payroll information and your Nalashaa bookkeeper will prepare the checks and tax filings. Having Nalashaa generate your payroll and tax filings does incur a higher cost than if you are utilizing a payroll service.

We do suggest direct deposit whenever possible.

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