Technology helps Remote Bookkeeping

Technology breaks barriers and enables swift communication for effective remote bookkeeping

  1. Remote bookkeeping

Remote bookkeeping is a sensible option for companies of any size to outsource specialized financial tasks to offshore firms that offer quality services at reasonably low costs. With the world getting smaller and increasingly better connected, new technologies have offered businesses a way to have cutting edge services at their disposal despite the geographical distances.

Let us see the new technologies that aid remote bookkeeping:

Connectivity is of vital importance when you rely on a team that works offshore and virtually. Internet connectivity is the key in data transfer, communication and collaboration.

1. Broadband: Broadband connectivity is now accessible in most parts of the world. Broadband internet enables fast data transmission and compared to the earlier erratic and slow dial-up connections, these are quick and a lifeline for remote bookkeeping service providers. Cable, fiber optics, satellite and mobile are some of the ways in which broadband internet is accessed. Not only is a broadband connection relatively easy to get, but it is also quite economical due to its widespread reach. Data can be accessed or transmitted over the internet using broadband connectivity.

2. Virtual Private Network (VPN): This is a backbone of remote working. In effect, VPN allows a computer network to have access to virtual connections in a larger network like those of an organization. Hence resources such as data can be easily accessed and shared. It almost feels like being physically present at the client location.

3. Wireless connectivity: As the world becomes wireless, it gets better connected. You can routinely access data and communication emails on your tablets or smartphones. Thus, you are always connected with wireless connectivity and this enhances communication.

Just like access to data and sharing of data is crucial to remote working so is the importance of swift communication. Technology again has helped make great leaps in this area. Good communication technologies are absolutely essential in not only keeping the remote workers connected with the team far away but in also building a real time feel to the work. This enhances the quality of work delivered. Web 2.0 software makes communication possible anytime anyplace.

1. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP): This is the technology that allows transfer of voice over the internet from computer to computer or computer to phone. Some well-known VoIP providers are skype, VoIP etc. The phone connections are secure and very economical as compared to conventional phone calls. These can easily be integrated with other services over the net like video and data file exchange. Thus you can do conference calls easily at a fraction of the cost of normal telephone. This is a huge plus for remote bookkeeping service providers.

2. Online chat: It is easy to chat with one person or a team using any of the online discussion platforms. This text transfer is in real time. Windows Live messenger, Google chat etc. are options that can be utilized for both work and non-work related conversations on a daily basis.

3. File transfer: it is important to transfer the data quickly and securely. Applications like Dropbox, Rapidshare and Leapfile are p3. opular external hosted services.

Collaboration tools help the remote workers and the team back home to utilize information and work together.

1. Project Management: These are tools that allow sharing of various steps in the project to ensure that it is easy to schedule, track and chart the progress of different projects. EMS (Electronic meeting system), Google calendar and Delicious are some examples.

2. Shared applications: These are utilized so that the same files can be accessed and worked on by many people together. Google docs allows creation of excel spreadsheets and word documents that can be accessed forums anywhere. Internet forums or message boards are also a great place to discuss or manage conversations.

A very important component of working remotely, it is absolutely essential that the remote workers have strong security systems to keep the data safe. Quality anti-spyware software, VPN security and stricter authentication as well as firewalls are actively used to provide multi-layered security system by remote bookkeeping services.

All the above technological advances have made remote bookkeeping a safe and viable option in today’s times.

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