Bookkeeping: US Retail Firm

Domain expertise in US bookkeeping processes and a systematic approach helped Nalashaa Accounting to bring in 60 % cost reduction for the client accounting team.

    • 6people
    • 50hours/week
    • 60% saving

    Client Challenges

    1. Errors in Data entry. No process for cross checking
    2. Higher Costs for Bookkeeping department due to staff turnover
    3. Delayed Bank Reconciliations and AR reconciliations
    4. Closing books for month used to take 2 to 3 months

    Nalashaa Solution

    1. Client’s processes and work flows were changed/simplified to meet requirements
    2. Introduced fairly inexpensive software tools such as “shoebox” to archive all physical documents that could be accessed from anywhere
    3. Our team connects remotely to the client’s server daily to perform bookkeeping services. such as making entries on Qbooks or creating records/spreadsheets/schedules/reports for management

    Client Benefits

    1. Month Ends are completed within 30 days
    2. Bank reconciliations completed within 7 days of Month End
    3. AR & AP reconciliations process done as a routine process
    4. Management reports such as Income Statement/Balance Sheet/Cash Flow reports were available to management on a monthly basis
  • Outsourced bookkeeping

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