Payroll Management – US Staffing Company

Nalashaa brought 60 % cost saving by refining processes, removing bottlenecks and creating a smooth payroll management process.

    • 7members
    • 80hours/week
    • 60% saving

    Client Challenges

    1. Delayed payments leading to disgruntled employees
    2. Staff turnover resulting in inaccurate salary payments
    3. Bonus & commission payment delayed
    4. Regulatory returns delayed
    5. Accounting reconciliation of payroll delayed by more than 4 payroll cycle

    Nalashaa Solution

    1. Domain experts in US payroll processing worked with US payroll mangers for setting the process
    2. Approved time sheets are received by offshore team, collated on a spreadsheet and payroll is processed on a payroll software
    3. Payroll reconciliation worked on by off shore team

    Nalashaa Benefits

    1. Accurate and timely salary payments to staff
    2. 60 % cost saving when compared to an in-house team
    3. Client has a dedicated team to work on general issues raised by the staff which are solved by the off shore team
    4. Onshore team can spend time on regulatory and compliance issues more productively
    5. Reconciliation of payroll completed with payroll returns and accounting records
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